TC's Mission & Heritage

Our Mission Lived Out

Our mission is to invite people like you to discover the truth about Jesus.  Many people say they are "okay" with Jesus, but don't like the church and organized religion.  We want you to have a positive experience with his church.  We want you to have a safe place to check into the claims of Christ.  As Jesus walked the earth, he made some very exclusive statements about who he was and what he would do for us.  Above all he claimed to be God in the flesh who would rescue his people from sin and death.  The truth about Jesus is worth pursuing.  You may find that you can personally know him, love him, and walk with him through this life into the next.  You may find that Jesus is more than "okay," and his church, though very imperfect, is pretty cool, too.

Maybe you have already discovered the truth about Jesus.  For those who call themselves "Christian," the claims he made never stop deepening our walk with him.  We want you to continue in your pursuit of your greatest love—Jesus.  Come celebrate and grow with us in our passion for the One to whom we owe everything.

Our Mission Statement

 ·         We are a caring family united in the celebration of Jesus Christ and anchored in biblical truth.

·         Our passion is to serve individuals and families in southwest Pinellas County, its beaches and beyond, with a safe place for fellowship, acceptance, and learning the truth of Christ.

·         Our goal is to glorify God by renewing and restoring lives through a growing personal relationship with Jesus Christ that lasts for eternity.


Our Heritage

 The Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church is one of the oldest denominations in America. The Associate Presbyterians (the Seceders) and the Reformed Presbyterians (the Covenanters) came to America in the early 1700's from Scotland and settled along the Atlantic seaboard. In 1782, these two groups united to form the Associate Reformed Church. The church grew rapidly forming numerous synods. All of these synods except for the Synod of the Carolinas and Georgia united in 1858 with other Presbyterians to form the United Presbyterian Church. The Synod of the South (as it was then called) is known today as the General Synod of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church. The church once again spread into West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, Missouri, and Florida (there were already churches in Virginia).

In recent years, the ARP's have continued to spread into New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Canada.  There are now ten Presbyteries in North America:

Canada Presbytery, the Presbytery of the Northeast (Northeastern United States), Virginia Presbytery (Virginia and West Virginia), First Presbytery (North Carolina), Catawba Presbytery (Eastern South Carolina), Second Presbytery (Western South Carolina and Georgia), Florida Presbytery, Tennessee-Alabama Presbytery (Eastern Tennessee and Alabama), Mississippi Valley Presbytery (Arkansas, Missouri, Western Tennessee, Kentucky, and Mississippi), and Pacific Presbytery (Washington, Oregon, and California).

Tradewinds is a part of a denomination that continues to plant new churches in this country while seeking to spread the Gospel around the world. Both through direct sending and cooperative efforts, our church supports missionaries in seven different countries.